“Well, it’s 2020…”

Last year, I had the pleasure of winning two Sports Emmys for my work on Showtime’s All Access Fury vs. Wilder.
This Summer I was nominated for the 2nd year in a row for my Supervising Producer role on “Quest for the Stanley Cup,” as well as Producing on HBO’s 24/7 College Football series.

This October, Showtime’s “Bad Hombres” will air – a documentary stepping a little out of the normal “sports world” that I’m used to and loved every second working on it. Tim Mullen and I Story/Post Produced and Edited the documentary for Director, Andrew Glazer. It was a unique and rewarding opportunity. Tim and I also had the chance to Produce and Edit another Fox Sports/MLB documentary: “When New York was One.” Also finished up the latest installment of “Quest for the Stanley Cup” – a docu-series on not just the NHL playoffs, but what life was like in the “quarantine bubble” of 2020.

Most notably, I recently made my Directorial debut (along with Tim Mullen) on the documentary, “My Name is Ada Hegerberg”, which will debut in early Winter 2020 on ESPN+ after spending an entire year following the best female soccer player in the world. It was an incredible experience from the minute we met Ada to this day and we are massively proud of this film.