Emmy Award winning Producer Jackie Decker has been working in the television industry for nearly 12 years in various cities around the United States, as well as around the world, and is most recently located in New York.
Her work includes producing a wide range of major television network teases, features, series and long-form documentaries for clients that include ESPN, ABC, NBC, Showtime, and EPIX.
She also has experience in the field, most notably having traveled four straight seasons on the NASCAR circuit for ESPN, leading the feature unit and also gaining plenty of remote truck experience.
She won her first Emmy in 2012 in the category of Outstanding Live Event Turnaround for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, producing features in the Daily Stories unit for Bob Costas and Mary Carillo’s nightly shows. Her second Emmy came just last year, producing for Showtime’s All Access Series in the category of Outstanding Sports Documentary Series.
Jackie is currently nominated for producing EPIX’s Road to the Winter Classic for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary, as well as producing for Showtime’s All Access Series for Outstanding Edited Sports Coverage.
Jackie brings creativity, organization, and positivity to any project she’s on, long or short form.